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Drivers of Change in BI

Survey: What would drive your organisation to review its BI, reporting and analytic capability?

I have in the past undertaken a number of reviews of BI and reporting capability.  Some reviews being undertaken to make the most of a commercial opportunity, others as a result of changes in priority or the need to simply survive.  This survey is designed to discover if others recognize the same drivers for change as myself and to establish what the key drivers will be during the next three years.

The survey does not take more than a couple of minutes to complete.  The results will be available to anyone who contributes to the survey.  The password will be provided once the survey has been completed.

Once the survey has closed I will then produce a paper outlining the survey results along with, hopefully, some thought provoking analysis.

Finally I would like to thank Mr Steve Melcher who suggested the topic of this survey and helped with the devising of the question.
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Drivers of Change in BI




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