Money, Time, Quality 
Understanding the Money, Time, Quality equation
 Delivering Analytics Capability – Understanding the Money, Time, Quality equation.

Experience indicates:

A quality analytical capability cannot be developed on the cheap – it will backfire in the long run;   cheap is rarely cost effective.

The speed of delivery is governed by the amount of resources you wish to devote to the development of your analytics capabuility. 

You should never make speed of delivery a reason for preventing adequate user interaction during the specification and deliver process.  Poor user engagement normal leads to a poor quality solution.

The quality of a solution normal boils down to three things;

        (1)    Quality of the data it contains

        (2)    The user interface and experience

        (3)    The delivery of actionable insight (from the day to day users perspective). 

However remember that 100% data quality is probably unachievable and most managers are adept at make decisions based on imperfect data.

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