Dashboard 5 P's

A dashboard is an interactive application which, organizes and presents timely information, relevant to a particular objective or business process, in a way that makes it easy to read, interpret and asses when action is required.

The 5 Ps of effective dashboard delivery are – Purpose, Process, Participants, Pull, Principles

 Purpose What’s the dashboards objective:

It is essential that agreement is achieved on the precise purpose of a dashboard, which business processes its supports, the decision making process it is supporting and the leavers users can pull in order to influence the business outcome.


Process How the dashboard is developed

Implementing the right dashboard development process is essential, it needs to be sympathetic to the organisational environment but be flexible enough to enable an agile methodology to be implemented.


The target audience

Clarity on the dashboards audience is essential.  Avoid building dashboards that try to deliver insight to more than one audience; the dashboard will become confusing, slow and it will dilute its impact.  Focusing on the audience will help focus on the insight (actionable) that the dashboard needs to deliver


Pull Making users return to the dashboard

The true measure of a dashboards success is the frequency that users consult the dashboard.  The more user friendly, engaging and easy to use it is the more "pull" the dashboard will have.


Principles Consistent and effective dashboarding

Dashboards need to be designed with some core principles in mind, this speeds up dashboard design (don’t need to reinvent the wheel) as well as providing a level of quality assurance on the technical aspect of dashboard building.  However, do not be a slave to principles, if they conflict with user requirement then they need to be revisited and modified as necessary.


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